Tree Code Audit Project

Final Tree Code Reports Available

The project is complete and the final documents are below.

Tree Code Audit:

Beaverton Tree Code Audit Final Report

Best Practices and Alternatives: Tree Best Practices and Alternatives Final Report

This project has identified future policy and Development ode work needed. The timing and scope of that work has not been determined.

Project Description

The Tree Code Audit Project was designed to produce, by the end of 2021:

  • An audit of how trees are regulated in Beaverton to describe what is working well and what is not working well. (Complete)
  • Research on other communities’ approaches.
  • A description of potential paths Beaverton could take to address problems or otherwise update tree policies, rules and procedures.

This project does not include changes to city policies, rules and procedures. This is an audit to identify issues and opportunities. Any policy changes or updates to regulations would have to be addressed in a future project.


Beaverton’s tree code has not been significantly updated for many years. Some community members have sought changes to the city’s approach to trees because of a variety of concerns about tree preservation and how trees are regulated. Some applicants also seek greater clarity in city rules regarding trees.

City staff, through interactions with customers and while reviewing development applications, also have identified potential issues.

To better understand the current issues and begin exploring different approaches to managing tree resources, the city initiated the Tree Audit Project.

Development Code rules regarding trees can be found at A major section involving trees can be found in Section 60.60.

Project Timeline

The kicked off in May and is following this basic timeline:

  • June/July: Research (including the code audit, interviews and focus groups.
  • July/August: Draft and final audit.
  • September/October: Best practices research
  • October-December: Best practices and alternatives report, draft and final.