Transition of TVWD Customers

Your water service is changing hands

Water service is transferring for approximately 4,100 Tualatin Valley Water District customers to the City of Beaverton. The two agencies are working together to make this transition seamless for customers. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • This change will be seamless to customers, there will be no disruptions in your water service
  • A phased transfer of customer accounts to city water is expected to begin in the fall
  • You will receive information approximately 30 days before your account transfers with details on billing changes, payment instructions and more. 
  • Until then, please continue to contact TVWD at 503-848-3000 with your water service needs. For information regarding the city's water rates and for answers to future water service questions, please contact City of Beaverton Water Utilities at 503-526-2257.

Transition Areas

Transition Areas Map

The map illustrates city areas where customer water accounts will transfer from Tualatin Valley Water District to the city. The numbers on the map do not necessarily indicate the sequence for the transition to occur. The use of the term “withdrawal” designates the areas withdrawn by intergovernmental agreement from TVWD.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions


The Mayor and Beaverton City Council have expressed strong interest in seeing the city serve as many city residents as possible. 

The transition will help to ensure cheaper and more equitable rates among more Beaverton residents. It was the result of joint agreements between the city and Tualatin Valley Water District.