Pedestrian Safety Program



You have received a citation involving a pedestrian, including violations of  ORS 811.020; ORS 811.025; ORS 811.028; and ORS 811.035. This includes Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian.


Appear at the court clerk’s window to collect the information for the class.

  1. 60 days - You have 60 days to complete the class. The clerk will provide you with a hearing notice with the specific date by which you need to complete the class.
  2. Pay the program fee.
  3. Attend a class - The clerk will provide you with a handout, listing the date, time and location of the class.
  4. Turn in your certificate - Any time after you have completed the class bring your certificate to the court clerk’s counter on or before the date and time of the hearing notice.
  5. Citation Dismissed - When you present your certificate and pay the program fee to the Court, within 60 days, the citation will be dismissed. The citation will not appear as a violation on your DMV record.