Beaverton Sobriety Opportunity for Beginning Recovery (B-SOBR)

Launched in 2011, the Beaverton Sobriety Opportunity for Beginning Recovery (B-SOBR) program is an innovative specialty court model that assists repeat DUII offenders to recover from alcohol and drug addictions.

B-SOBR, the first and only evidence-based practice (EBP) DUII court in Oregon, is designed to treat individuals whose drinking and drug use is beyond their control but who continue to drive motor vehicles. B-SOBR participants agree to strict conditions in exchange for remaining out of jail, including regular reports to court, communication with a Case Manager, sobriety and urine tests, wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet, committing to Alcoholics Anonymous or a similar program, working, going to school or volunteering, and random check-ins from Beaverton police officers.

B-SOBR’s target population consists of high-risk, high-needs individuals whose drinking or drug use is beyond their control and who continue to drive motor vehicles. Typically, the target population will have social histories hallmarked by prior contacts with law enforcement, previous expose to alcohol/drug treatment and a history of relapse. Through effective intervention, B-SOBR transitions participants from addicted persons to productive citizens, capable of meeting the challenges of recovery and adult life.

B-SOBR is a minimum of eighteen months that can extend up to five years. B-SOBR is divided into four phases: The phases last from 3-12 months, depending on the participant’s progress. Each participant meets with the Judge at least twice a month in Phase I, once a month in Phases II and III, and every other month in Phase IV.

The judge will typically inform a defendant at court if they are a possible candidate for the B-SOBR. If a defendant is interested in this program, they should discuss it with their defense attorney or the B-SOBR case manager at 503-526-2369.