Community Services Program

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Immediate resources for people experiencing homelessness and poverty:

Additional Resources

Program Mission & Goals

To facilitate communication and collaboration between the City of Beaverton and nonprofit, community-based, and faith-based organizations working to address the basic needs of low-income populations in Beaverton.

  • Collective Impact. Convene local organizations to help achieve significant and lasting social change on priority issues.
  • Capacity Building. Offer opportunities for local partners to develop and strengthen the skills and resources of their organizations for long-term sustainability and effective mission driven work.
  • Strategic Partnerships. Work with innovative organizations that provide invaluable knowledge and direct services to the community.

Program History

2021: Added a fourth host site to the Safe Parking Program; Started exploring permanent shelter options in Beaverton.

2020: Response to COVID-19: Expanded the Beaverton Winter Shelter from 1 day/week to 7 days/week; Partnered to offer a shower trailer to shelter guests; Provided restroom facilities in City Park; Supported a virtual tax assistance service. Formalized the Safe Parking Program and added a third host site. Increased funding for Social Service Funding grants, to $2.75/per capita.

2019:: Tax Assistance Program moves to the Griffith Building, a Safe Parking Pilot Program is launched in April 2019 with two host sites. Piloted financial literacy support with Metropolitan Family Services; Started coordinating a Beaverton Point-in-Time Count with local volunteers; Funded county-wide street outreach services to people experiencing homelessness.

2018: First full season of the Beaverton Winter Shelter; City provides support to Family Promise of Beaverton and host families for two weeks in the fall at the Beaverton Community Center, Program Support Specialist added to support additional programming; Funded a community outreach worker based out of the Beaverton City Library.

2017: Beaverton Winter Shelter opens in partnership with Just Compassion of East Washington County; Permanent Program Coordinator position created for Community Services

2016: Community Services Program created in the Mayor’s Office, centralizing several existing programs that support social service activities including the Tax Assistance Program (started in 2012), Social Service Funding Grants, and charity drives

2015: City staff make recommendations on support for homelessness including code changes for shelters, supporting Family Promise and winter shelter, and connecting with Washington County.

Ways to Get Involved