Storm Murals

Storm Drain Awareness Murals

Not only is Progress Lake a peaceful water in a unique setting of townhomes, restaurants, paved trails and wildlife viewing, it also functions as storm drain detention holding the neighborhood’s stormwater in order to reduce flooding along Summer Creek. When rain lands on rooftops, driveways, and roads, water will flow to the street picking up anything it finds along the way. Roadways are designed to funnel stormwater into catch basins, which are connected by underground pipes to convey stormwater flows directly to Progress Lake. The lake’s watershed is about 86 acres, catching storm water from the Progress Ridge shopping area all the way from Big Al’s to Scholls Ferry Road. Keeping pollution out of the lake is important to maintaining the lake’s purity.

The City of Beaverton’s Public Works Department, Arts Program, and Neighborhood Program collaborated to host a contest to select community artists to bring attention to storm drains with the goal of raising awareness on how to prevent lake pollution. This project was sponsored in part by a Neighborhood Matching Grant, which brings residents together to support neighborhood-initiated planning, community building and improvement projects. If you have an idea for a matching grant, attend your local neighborhood meeting! To learn more go to or call 503-526-2543.

Artists include Amanda Donahue, Autumn Linde, Curran Gregory, Juan Miguel Aguirre, Justin Becker, Karin Hoffman, Kate Kristiansen, Kayla Smith, and Nina Stafford.

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Project Location: Progress Lake

Progress Ridge, located at SW Barrows Road and SW Horizon Blvd in Southwest Beaverton is a unique setting where townhomes and restaurants surround a peaceful urban lake. Progress Lake is a 4-acre lake formed from a prior rock quarry, operated as a park with a fountain and fishing dock by Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District, and stocked with trout by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for sport fishing. The lake serves as storm water detention and provides many recreational opportunities such as paved trails, fishing docks, wildlife watching, and a fountain. The City of Beaverton is committed to maintaining a healthy watershed to keep the lake fishable and for the health and enjoyment of everyone in the community.

Satellite map of Progress Ridge including the lake, surrounding homes and businesses.