Native Plant: Oceanspray

Common Name: Oceanspray, Cream Bush, Iron Wood

Photo of Oceanspray

Binomial Name: Holodiscus discolor

SoilType: moist to dry

Sunlight: Full sun to part shade

Plant Type: Deciduous shrub

>Form: Multi branch, arching

Foliage: Deciduous

Fruit/Flower: white flowers

Grows from threefeet up to twenty feet tall in the right situations. These shrubs grow mostlyin the coast range from Sierra Nevada north to British Columbia and as far eastas the rocky mountain range. The Oceanspray shrub is one of two varieties ofHolodiscus species found in the Pacific Northwest. This is a very low maintenanceshrub which is drought tolerant and they are great for holding the soil onhillsides and slopes or grown as a hedgerow. Butterflies and birds areattracted to the showy, long-lived clusters of cream colored flowers that bloomearly to late summer.