Native Plant: Osoberry / Indian plum

Common Name: Osoberry, Indian Plum

Photo of Osoberry / Indian plum

Binomial Name: Oemleria cerasiformis 

Soil Type: moist to rather dry 

Sunlight: part shade 

Plant Type: shrub or small tree 

Foliage: Deciduous Fruit/Flower: small plums/ greenish white flowers 

Indian plum is a unique shrub or tree because it is the only species in the genus Oemeria. They are usually found in understories of larger trees where they can get enough shade. Indian plums under the right conditions can reach up to fifteen feet tall. 

The Indian plum is one of the first natives in the region to bloom which makes it tempting to take cuttings and bring indoors, but be wary because these flowers have an odor of cat spray. The fruits are edible and can be dried but have very large pits in them.