Targeted Industries

About Targeted Industries

Target Industry clusters are geographic concentrations of interconnected companies and institutions in a particular field. Clusters also include the institutions and professional organizations that provide research assistance and support to the industry. 

What makes Beaverton thrive as a hotbed of innovation? 

We have a thriving private sector based on 21st century industries. We are proud of our historic past, natural wonders, and engaged community. Innovation occurs across industry sectors in Beaverton. Electrical Equipment, Scientific and Medical Instrument, Software and Information Services, Sporting Equipment and Apparel, and Food Processing companies contribute ideas, inventions, and products that shape our local economy.

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Target Industry Business Assistance

Businesses in these industries may be eligible for specialized assistance, including:
  • Customized reports (industry trends, forecasts, and competitive market)
  • Potential suppliers of materials and services
  • Assistance finding public financing and low-cost loans
  • Business strategy brainstorming
  • Business operations assessment
  • Business plan review
  • Workforce training assistance
  • Potential business leads for expansion (local, regional, international)
  • Site selection services
  • Assistance finding public business education opportunities
For more information on Beaverton’s targeted industries, contact Economic Development Division Manager Mike Williams at 503-526-2456 or