Building in Beaverton: Construction & Inspection

Construction & Inspection   

With proper approvals and permits in place, construction of your project can begin. City staff is here to help from implementation through completion, and will coordinate meetings, inspections and other activities as part of the development process. 

Construction Meetings

During construction, the city will schedule periodic meetings with project representatives to support progress, including: 

Pre-Construction Meetings 

Held at the issuance of either a Site Development or Building permit, these meetings are for the benefit of all involved parties to outline how the city and project team work together throughout construction. The developer, construction manager, general contractor and sub-contractor representatives are expected to participate. 

In-Process Construction Meetings 

Held as needed to address changes in construction schedules or other issues in which city staff may be able to assist. Can be held at the project site or at a city facility. Includes Pre-Installation Meetings that are held to discuss upcoming construction of a specific portion(s) of the project.

Pre-Occupancy Meetings 

Held prior to a request for occupancy of a project in order for the construction team and city staff to develop a schedule and expectations.


The city is responsible for enforcing the Beaverton Development Code, Beaverton City Code, Beaverton Engineering Design Manual, the State of Oregon Building Codes, and more. These codes regulate construction and building to ensure projects are safe both now and in the future. Depending on the project, Planning, Site Development and Building inspections may be needed. 

Planning / Land Use

Schedule an Inspection: call 503-526-2416 OR 503-526-2420.

Site Development / Engineering

Schedule an Inspection: contact the assigned inspector as noted on the Pre-Construction Meeting information.


Schedule an Inspection: through or by calling our 24-hour recorded inspection line, 503-526-2400.


Prior to acceptance of infrastructure constructed through a project, Public Works staff perform a set of inspections that are separate from inspections performed by Building, Planning, and Site Development staff. These inspections, often described as a ‘Walk-Thru’, are coordinated through Site Development and may include scoping piped infrastructure, evaluating storm facilities, verifying ADA accessibility, and more.

Punch List

A list of deficiencies developed as a result of a Walk-Thru by Public Works.

Project Close-Out

The process of performing inspections, walk-thru, and closing out bonds and other legal documents after a performance timeframe has elapsed.

Conditions of Approval 

Conditions of Approval are often applied to a decision to approve a project, be it a Planning (Land Use) application, Site Development permit, or Building permit. Conditions of Approval must be met as written and can apply throughout construction and through Project Close-out.