Urban Growth Boundary Expansion

Cooper Mountain Topographic Map


On December 13, 2018, Metro Council voted to expand the region’s urban growth boundary to include the 1,232-acre Cooper Mountain urban reserve area. The Cooper Mountain area is anticipated to bring at least 3,760 housing units to the city over time, including a mix of single-family and multi-family homes.

For more information on Metro’s process and decision, visit www.oregonmetro.gov/ugb.

Metro Conditions of approval on urban growth boundary expansion


Urban growth boundary: A line to control urban expansion into farm and forest lands and promote the efficient use of land, public facilities and services inside the boundary.

Urban reserve: An area of land suitable for accommodating new development during the next 50 years.

Cooper Mountain Urban Reserve Area: An approximately 1,200-acre area at the southwest corner of Beaverton. It is north of South Cooper Mountain, east of Grabhorn Road, south of Kemmer Road and west of the current Beaverton boundary. About 600 acres of the area are developable.