Spring Garden Preparation

What to do in spring? 

Simple tips for managing your garden 

Gardeners loading wheelbarrow with compost.Amend your soil

Now is a great time to spread compost. While the City of Beaverton will have soil dropped off at each of the gardens in April, it’s always a good idea to supplement that with some good quality compost. Check your local landscape supplier for options or bring your own from your backyard compost bin. 


That’s right, you can start planting. There are several cool season crops that can be planted in early spring. A few examples are arugula, carrots, peas and Swiss chard. Check the Planting and Harvest Calendar posted in the kiosk at each garden for a more complete list. 

Two gardeners getting ready to plant starts.Pathway maintenance 

While not as much fun as planting, spring is also a great time to tackle those edges on the pathway surrounding your garden plot. All gardeners are responsible for maintaining the pathways immediately surrounding their plot; a little weeding and edging by everyone can make a huge difference in the appearance of the paths.