CIP 4141 - WWSP Intertie

Willamette Water Supply Project Intertie at Cornelius Pass Road and TV Hwy (WWSP Intertie)

Project Description: 

Install an intertie with the Willamette Water Supply (WWSP) transmission pipe. The new 24 inch line will connect to the new Willamette Water Supply waterline near SW Cornelius Pass Road. It will parallel the existing City’s South Transmission line east for approximately 2,900 feet and connect to the STL at SW 209th. The project will include all valve, meters, vaults and controls to complete the connection.

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Project Manager: 

Alan Johansson, 503-526-2792

Project Status: 

An engineering consultant has started the pre-design of the system alignment, materials selection and layout.

Substantial Completion Date: June 2019

CIP 4141 Description