CIP 4134A - 153rd & Beaverton Creek Valve Improve

PRV Improvements at 153rd Dr & Beaverton Creek TC and Division St & Village Place

Project Description:

This project constructs two new pressure reducing valve Construction of the SW 153rd PRV Station is necessary to create a 435 Pressure Zone which will provide City of Beaverton water to new service areas. The Division St and Village Pl PRV will add a connection to the 36-inch transmission line, provide enhanced fire protection, and allow for future water system improvements in the area.

Project Manager: 

Geoff Hunsaker, 503-350-3658

Project Status: 

  • Fall 2017: Construct SW 153rd Drive PRV Station
  • FY17-18: Design Division St and Village Pl PRV Station
  • FY18-19: Construct Division St and Village Pl PRV Station

Substantial Completion Date: 10/31/2018

CIP 4134A Description