Native Plant: Bleeding Heart

Common Name: Bleeding Heart

Photo of Bleeding Heart.

Binomial Name: Dicentra formosa

Soil Type: moist, rich, porous soil

Sunlight: Full shade to part sun

Plant Type: Flowering, deciduous

Form: multi‐stemmed, fern‐like

Foliage: blue‐green leaves

This perennial plant spreads by rhizomes in the soil and by seed creating a lush patch usually in tree understories. Bleeding hearts can grow to about one and a half feet tall and three feet wide in the right conditions. In early spring this plant will send out stalks which hold rows of heart shaped purple to pink flowers with white tips. March would be a great time to plant Bleeding heart to get the effect of the beautiful flowers in your yard and attract hummingbirds and bumblebees by late April.