Allen Boulevard District Plan

Image of families along parade route with young children picking up treats.

The Allen Boulevard District Plan was adopted by City Council on December 10, 2019.  The City of Beaverton would like to thank all of the community members and community leaders who participated in the project over the past two years.

Adopted Allen Boulevard District Plan - PDF

The plan focuses on four key areas: Supporting Multicultural Businesses; Enhancing Park Access; Improving Transportation Safety; and Promoting Health and Connecting People.  Using a lens of equity and inclusion, the plan identifies near-term and long-term actions that residents, businesses, property owners, the city and partners can take to build on the strengths of the area, while addressing unique neighborhood challenges.

Examples include:

  • Celebrate the district’s cultural diversity through events and art
  • Create new parks and open space in the eastern end of the district
  • Evaluate locations for new pedestrian street crossings
  • Install additional street lighting along Allen Boulevard
  • Develop a program to preserve low cost market rate rental housing
  • Assist with construction of trash enclosures to hide trash bins from public view
  • Support creation of an Allen Boulevard business group

Project Description

The Beaverton Community Vision recognizes the need for planning on a neighborhood level. Allen Boulevard is a culturally diverse neighborhood that is experiencing change.  The Allen Boulevard District Plan identifies actions and programs that will help address the special needs and desired outcomes for Allen Boulevard, as informed by the community.   View the Allen Boulevard District Boundary Map - PDF.