Native Plant: Salmonberry

Common Name: Salmonberry

Picture of Salmonberry.

Binomial Name: Rubus spectabilis

Soil Type: moist to rather wet

Sunlight: Full sun to full shade

Plant Type: rhizomatous shrub

Foliage: Deciduous and evergreen

Flowering: Yes

Salmonberry can be a very aggressively spreading shrub which reach up to ten feet high, under dry conditions the growth can be suppressed though. They can be found along streams, wetlands, and in forests from Alaska to California and as far east as the cascades. The Salmonberry has small white flowers before berries are formed. They are small, orange to red in color and looks similar to a raspberry.  Humans can consume Salmonberry but some people dislike them because they differ in taste from one to another. Birds and other wildlife love salmonberry because they are one of the first shrubs to produce berries and ripen.