Native Plant: Douglas Spirea

Common Name: Douglas Spirea

Picture of Douglas Spirea.

Binomial Name: Spiraea douglasii

Soil Type: Adaptable (can be drought/flood tolerant)

Sunlight: Full to Part Sun

Form/Growth: Shrub

Plant Type: Perrenial

Foliage: Deciduous

Flowering: Yes

Named after Scottish botanist David Douglas, Douglas Spirea is a beautiful, fast-growing shrub that reaches 2 – 8 ft in height.  Its leaves are 1 – 4 inches long, have smooth edges near the base and serrated edges from the middle towards the tip, and are darker green on top than the bottom.  The flowers are tiny, bright pink or purplish, and grow in distinctive, often fuzzy-looking elongated clusters.

Douglas Spirea is attractive and incredibly easy to propagate (from offshoots), making this native a popular ornamental addition to any garden.  The flowers and dense growth also attracts a variety of wildlife, including deer, butterflies, birds and other small animals.  Douglas Spirea is also commonly used in flower arrangements.  Perhaps most importantly, though, this shrub is used for wetland restoration and is listed as a national wetland indicator species.

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