Community Development

The Community Development Department (CDD) reviews all land use applications. It consists of the following divisions: Administration, Building, Planning, and Sustainability.

The Planning front desk is a good source for much information and can be reached by calling 503-526-2420. The planner for a particular application can be found by looking at the public notice posted in the Community Development Department or on the city's website at

The Planning Division reviews all land development applications and also updates the Development Code and Comprehensive Plan.

City of Beaverton Community Development Department
Beaverton City Hall – The Beaverton Building
12725 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton, OR 97005

Neighborhood Program

The City of Beaverton's Neighborhood Program is a good starting point for becoming involved in the land use process. The city has funded this program since 1987 to promote public involvement in city government which includes providing assistance to the Beaverton Neighborhood Association Committees (NACs) and the Beaverton Committee for Community Involvement (BCCI). The program can help you:

  • Reach officers from your local NAC,
  • Determine the appropriate staff to speak with regarding particular projects,
  • Provide you with other information such as staff reports, minutes and agendas for public hearings on projects.

City of Beaverton Neighborhood Program
Beaverton City Hall – The Beaverton Building
12725 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton, OR 97005

Neighborhood Association Committees (NACs)

Central Beaverton NAC post sign cap.Beaverton's Neighborhood Association Committees (NACs) are a good source of information and support and help connect citizens to city government. They were formed as part of the city's efforts to involve citizens in land use decisions as a result of Senate Bill 100. Each Beaverton resident, landowner, business licensee, or representative of a non-profit organization is automatically a member of the NAC in their area. NACs consider issues of particular interest to their immediate area and may advise the Mayor and City Council. While issues of interest frequently are related to land use or traffic, these are by no means the only issues considered by the NACs. All interested parties are encouraged to attend their respective NAC meetings.

The NAC meetings are the best forums for discussing neighborhoods' development issues prior to public hearings. The applicant's Neighborhood Meeting presentations are often held during the NAC meetings. NAC meetings may also have additional discussions regarding controversial developments. These meetings provide a forum where citizens come together to voice opinions and put together responses. You can find people with knowledge and expertise in the land use process and also get a sense of where other people stand on the development. It is a good place to form a group of advocates to respond to the development application. Testimony on the application can be voted on by the NAC and submitted to the hearing body as representing the will of the NAC. If the testimony addresses the applicable criteria, it tends to have stronger weight coming from a NAC than from just a few citizens.

The city allows each NAC to be reimbursed for one appeal per fiscal year. If there is desire to appeal a Planning Commission decision, doing it through the NAC will save both money and bring more political weight, especially since the City Council is an elected body. Learn more about the requirements of the NAC Appeal Reimbursement process.

Beaverton Committee for Community Involvement (BCCI)

The purpose of the Beaverton Committee for Community Involvement (BCCI) fulfills the citizen role mandated by the Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission Goal 1, relating to the citizen involvement in all phases of the planning process, and to assist the Beaverton City Council in developing methods by which Beaverton residents can participate in the decision-making process of the city government. The BCCI is advisory only to the Beaverton City Council. The BCCI also works closely with Beaverton NACs to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information.

While the BCCI does not take positions on particular developments, its members have a wealth of experience and contacts. Some members of the BCCI have been involved in land use and city issues for years. They are a great resource to discuss ideas and can advise you on what information to get, where to get it, and how to organize and participate in land use decisions. The BCCI meets on the fourth Monday of each month at City Hall at 7 p.m. and all are welcome to attend.