Land Use Handbook


This information is intended to help interested residents participate effectively in land use processes in the City of Beaverton. It describes procedures relating to land use issues in the City of Beaverton and the public bodies that have jurisdiction over various parts of the process. Information provided identifies those points in the land use process where citizen input is taken and what citizens need to consider when participating in the process.

Persons desiring to testify at land use hearings should become familiar with the Beaverton Development Code as it relates to applications. The Development Code is available for inspection and copying at the City of Beaverton Community Development Department (CDD) at City Hall, at the Reference Desk of the Beaverton City Library or online at

Reference will be made throughout to Neighborhood Association Committees or NACs. The City of Beaverton currently has eleven formally recognized groups of citizens known as NACs. A major function of the NACs is to augment the citizen involvement process in land use related matters, such as planning and zoning activities, as is required by applicable law. For more details about NACs, please refer to Chapter 9.06 of the Beaverton Municipal Code, or visit

This is not an exhaustive reference for City of Beaverton land use procedures. Instead, it attempts to provide accurate, easy-to-understand information about those procedures. Users should consult their own legal or other professional counselor for advice regarding the application of the law to their specific circumstances.

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