Be Green in 17 banner features two illustrated birds holding banner with their beaks.

Act Now: Consumption 


Buy Local, Buy Organic. Buying local and organic benefits the environment, your family and our community. Organic food reduces the use of harmful chemicals and buying local reduces transportation emissions and supports local businesses and farmers in our community. And organic food is healthier and tastes better! 

Reduce and Reuse. Every time a new product is made it takes a lot of resources—raw materials, energy to manufacture and fuel to transport to the store. Reducing and reusing is one of the most effective way to conserve natural resources. And there are actually a few easy ways to start and make an impact! 

Recycle. Recycling has big benefits—it lowers climate emissions and saves resources and energy. On the other hand, garbage sent to the landfill creates methane, a strong greenhouse gas that is 35 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Recycling just makes sense—it is free, easy to do and can save you money! 


Install low flow. Replacing old fixtures with low-flow models like toilets, showerheads and faucets can pay for itself in water and energy savings. Installing new low flow shower heads alone can save Americans almost $5 billion in water and heating costs! Illustration of people and homes 

Illustration of people and homes.