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Act Now: Transportation


Offset Air Travel. If air travel is an important part of your plans, consider purchasing carbon offsets to lower your impact. Until we find an alternative fuel for air travel (which many bright minds are working on!), this is a great way to make a difference when you need to fly. 

Carpool. Carpooling saves money, extends the life of your car and lowers your impact. It also is a chance to relax or have a good conversation. If you have a regular schedule and a medium to long commute, consider joining a carpool! 

Ride TriMet. Take the bus or MAX, consider using transit to get to work or where you need to go. Transportation is one of the largest sources of carbon emissions, and using the bus or MAX can reduce emissions by 60% or more. (And you can avoid rush hour traffic and have some extra time to relax!) 

Bike, Walk, Skateboard or Unicycle. Travel with zero emissions and improve your health—walk, bike, scooter, skateboard or rollerblade. Leave your car behind for short trips and enjoy the fresh air, smell the flowers and energize your day! 


Buy or Lease an Energy Efficient Vehicle. If you're in the market for a car, consider going electric. However, if you're not ready for an electric vehicle, check out your options for a fuel efficient gas or hybrid car. Models start as low as $15,000 and can save $50 per month or more on fuel costs! They also don’t create emissions that cause air pollution. If we all drove EVs imagine the clean air! 

Illustration of buildings, market and commuters.