Commercial, Office, and Retail Area Overview

The Commercial, Office and Retail Area provides the most prominent gateway into Beaverton, as people use Highway 217 to get to the city from all over the metro area. Several key properties in this gateway area are currently either for sale, or have new development interests reviewing options. While the area will likely continue as a typical commercial, shopping, and office area for the foreseeable future, there is the potential for major private investment in this area.

BURA’s 5 Year Strategy
Commercial, Office, and Retail Area

Map of commercial, office and retail area for BURA consideration graphic link to web page.

This area is projected to continue seeing the same growth over the next five years. With large commercial centers already in place, the area will likely continue to grow as major investment in this area is underway and minimal BURA funding is forecasted. 

The current BURA allocation of funds for a five year period starting FY17-18, is:

  • FY17-18 = $18,750
  • FY18-19 = $18,750
  • FY19-20 = $18,750
  • FY20-21 = $18,750
  • FY21-22 = $18,750

Catalyst Projects

For a complete list of catalyst projects, please see the

BURA Project Map.

BURA Allocation of Funds Five-Year ForecastBURA fund allocation graph for FY17-18 through FY21-22, at $18,750 per year
Commercial, Office, and Retail Area