Increase Housing Options

Housing Development Projects

Graphic of high rise building.Beaverton’s Community Vision Plan outlines the city’s goal of increasing downtown housing options with an emphasis on transit-oriented development. BURA, in partnership with the City of Beaverton, is committed to making strategic investments to support the community’s housing goals. The City of Beaverton adopted its first Housing Five Year Action Plan in FY16-17.

This section evaluates the outcomes of BURA’s housing investments and provides an update on all new housing development projects as well as an overview of all housing within the Urban Renewal Area (URA). These metrics highlight the outcomes that BURA and the City of Beaverton aspire to achieve with its investments and public policies. This includes an increase of downtown housing options and of affordable housing units, particularly housing that is regulated to ensure units are preserved for eligible residents.

Graphic of people in residential neighborhood.

In FY18-19, there were 1,932 total housing units in the URA. In terms of affordable housing, there are 69 affordable, regulated housing units in the URA. The Rise Central development continued construction during FY18-19 and will include 15 new units of regulated affordable housing. 

Furthermore, BURA and the City of Beaverton are on track to accomplish its housing goals for the downtown community.

FY18-19 Highlights

Total Number of Housing Units in the URA

Total Number of Housing Units Located with 1/2 Mile of Public Transit Light Rail Stations in the URA