Enhance Livability

Smart Growth Development

Graphic of street sign post indicating enhanced commuting options.Beaverton is one of the most livable communities in the nation, thanks to a cutting-edge civic plan, a range of housing options and commitment to sustainability.

The three metrics displayed to the right highlight the progress BURA and the City of Beaverton are making to enhance livability in the Central Beaverton Urban Renewal Area, particularly in Downtown Beaverton. These metrics include a focus on smart growth development, such as an increase in vertical parking structures and multi-story buildings. Both of these outcomes maximize land area and reduce the need for sprawling surface parking lots and unsustainable building practices.

Graphic of shopping cart.It also includes acres of surface parking, which represents the amount of land within the urban renewal area that is surface parking. Over time, this metric will decrease with each additional redevelopment project that is constructed on land that is currently surface parking and further the community’s smart growth and livability goals.

In FY 17-18, there were 341 new vertical parking spaces added to the Beaverton Urban Renewal Area and a reduction in the total number of acres of surface parking. The area is home to many nearby public transportation options as well as a pedestrian friendly environment. The completion of the BG Food Cartel in February of 2018 created another pedestrian friendly space for the community in central Beaverton and was supported by the first Placemaking Grant issued by BURA’s Pre-Development Grant Program.

Graphic of runner and bicyclist.

FY17-18 Highlights

Total Number of Multi-Story Buildings in the URA

Total Number of Parking Structure Spaces within the URA

Total Number of Acres of Surface Parking within the URA