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The City of Beaverton Municipal Court is excited to join with Bridges to Change to provide opportunities for individuals to be connected with services and support. The resource van is available to anyone not just defendants. Services include access to immediate food needs, immediate clothing needs, in addition to helping individuals get connected with various organizations in the community.

This Outreach Van is staffed by individuals that have had similar experiences in their lives. Thus, they are very knowledgeable about all the different issues surrounding someone trying to get help. The staff is full of respect, understanding and support for all individuals that come to the van.

For more information about Beaverton Municipal Court working with Bridges to Change, please contact Kevin Boone, Beaverton Specialty Court Coordinator, at 503-526-2369 or

To refer someone or to find out how Bridges to Change can help you:
Call the Outreach Line at 971-246-7065
Go to:

Mental Health Liaison

In the summer of 2019, City of Beaverton City Council and Washington County Board of Commissioners authorized co-funding for a 1 FTE master’s level clinician who would exclusively work on-site at Beaverton Municipal Court. The target population was criminal defendants or those at risk for entering the criminal justice system.

This position is part of the Washington County Behavioral Health Forensics team and acting as a full-time liaison between the County Behavioral Health Department and the Beaverton Municipal Court. Mental Health Liaison Whitney Struse became on-site at the Beaverton Municipal Court on September 21st, 2019.

The goals of this position include:

  • Reducing unnecessary criminal justice involvement for individuals with related symptoms of mental illness and/or lack of access to appropriate community supports
  • Maximizing opportunities for diverting to appropriate treatment services
  • Advancing mechanisms for effective communication and information sharing

The Mental Health Liaison attends most court sessions and regularly coordinates with defendants, the Judges, court staff and security, Beaverton Police Department (BPD), Victim Services, City Attorneys, Defense Counsel, Jail Medical Services, the BSOBR DUII Program, local treatment providers, and others to provide intervention for individuals needing behavioral health support.

Prior to this position, defendants did not have any immediate access to behavioral health information or services. Now, the liaison can meet with people prior, during, and after a hearing in real time, lessening the risk that someone might not follow through with a referral. The experience of having a clinician interaction also starts to build a positive experience for a defendant who historically may have viewed the criminal justice system as adversarial and unsupportive of their needs.


Whitney Struse, MS, QMHP - C | Beaverton Municipal Court Mental Health Liaison
Behavioral Health Forensics Program
Washington County Department of Health and Human Services
Phone: 503-449-3259

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