residential Eviction Moratorium

NOTE: Due to rapidly evolving response to COVID-19 please check this page frequently for updated information.

Due to COVID-19 closures, health, and economic impacts, the City of Beaverton has allocated funds for rent & utility assistance for low income tenants impacted by COVID-19. More details about rent assistance options and additional resources. The state of Oregon has also issued a moratorium on evictions through June 30, 2021 (provided the tenant provides a declaration of hardship). This moratorium prevents no cause evictions (with exceptions for selling property, or landlord/family member moving into unit) and evictions issued based on late rent. During this time, it is unlawful for landlords to award late rent penalties as well. Starting on July 1, 2021, tenants must be fully caught up in paying any back-rent owed and pay rent on time in the future. Please check back regularly for additional updates on COVID-19 related relief for Beaverton residents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Leases in response to COVID-19.

What does the moratorium on evictions mean?

The bullets below are courtesy of Legal Aid Services of Oregon and the Oregon Law Center that have been modified for clarity

Through June 30, 2021, as long as a tenant has submitted a declaration of hardship, no landlord in Oregon can do any of the following:


  • Give a termination notice for nonpayment of rent, fees, utilities, or other charges
  • Charge a late fee or penalty for nonpayment
  • Give a termination notice without cause (unless the landlord has sold the rental to someone who plans to move in, or the landlord intends to move in to the rental or move a family member into the rental)
  • Start an eviction case based on nonpayment
  • Start an eviction case based on a termination without cause
  • File for noncompliance with a stipulated agreement in eviction court if the eviction was based on nonpayment or a termination without cause
  • Report a tenant to a credit agency for nonpayment of rent or a late fee
  • Threaten to do any of these things

Hotline Contact Information

If you would like more information about the Residential Moratorium on Evictions the City of Beaverton is staffing a phone hotline 503-629-6427 and email account to respond to questions. The phone hotline will offer information in English and Spanish and responses in multiple languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese. The email hotline will offer information and responses in Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

Please note, city staff are able to provide information only. For additional resources, city staff will refer contacts to partner organizations for other needed follow up.