Beaverton Homeless Shelter

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About the Beaverton Homeless Shelter

The Beaverton Severe Weather Shelter (BSWS) was opened in January 2017 to provide a warm, safe space for adults experiencing homelessness to stay during the winter. The primary goal of the shelter is to ensure that no-one dies from exposure to the elements due to lack of housing in Beaverton. The shelter provides space for 30 adults to sleep and 3 meals a day.

A permanent year-round shelter currently in development will increase the stability provided to individuals experiencing homelessness, and provide a critical link for transition to housing. The community has long identified this need, which is listed as a priority in the Beaverton Community Vision (#34) and the city’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Plan (HL 1.6) and is anticipated to open in winter 2022.

Current Season

This season, the Beaverton Winter Shelter will provide space for 30 adults on a 24/7 basis, with access to resources, showers, hot meals, and a safe place to sleep. The shelter will be open at the Beaverton Community Center (12350 SW Fifth St.) from November 15, 2021 to May 2022, and will be following COVID-19 precautions for guests and staff. The shelter is a collaboration between Just Compassion of East Washington County and Washington County Supportive Housing Services. Enrollment required – not first come first served.

Contact Community Connect for shelter enrollment at 503-640-3263 (registration begins Nov. 10)

For more information visit Just Compassion of East Washington County.

Program History

  • The city is expected to receive American Rescue Plan funding to site Washington County's first year-round congregate shelter for adults in Beaverton
  • At the end of the winter season, the shelter was extended again due to COVID-19, and added an additional 60 days of operation thru May
  • A shower trailer was provided to the shelter 2 days/week thru a partnership with Community Connections
  • The shelter was reopened in November 2020 as a 24/7 shelter
  • At the end of the normal winter season, the shelter was extended due to COVID-19 and began operating as a 24/7 shelter March-May with staff instead of volunteers
  • Season four of winter shelter runs Nov 2019-March 2020
  • Season three of winter shelter runs Nov 2018-March 2019
  • First full season of the BSWS runs from Nov 2017-March 2018
  • The Beaverton SWS opens in Jan 2017 for 30 people, with Just Compassion of EWC providing operations 1day/week thru March at the Beaverton Community Center
  • Mayor’s Taskforce on Homelessness recommends a winter shelter as one of three immediate steps to respond to the homelessness crisis

Volunteer preparing a guest bed at the shelter.


Thank you to more than 100 volunteers that provided their time and energy to the Beaverton Severe Weather Shelter – more than 7,500 hours of time have been provided to serving meals, staying overnight to assist guests, and helping with set-up and check-in each day! This shelter has been consistently supported by our community, with donations, volunteers, and referrals for folks in need.

In order to meet health and safety guidelines and expanded this year, BSW will not be utilizing volunteers. All positions will be hired staff of Just Compassion.

Please note: we are not accepting donations at this time. Please do not drop them off at the Community Center. Thank you for all who donated during our BWS Donation Drive-Thru!

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