Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

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Existing and Planned Active Transportation Maps

Role of the Community Advisory Committee

The CAC was formed to provide a community perspective throughout the development of the Beaverton Active Transportation Plan. The CAC will develop recommendations for the PMT, the Planning Commission and the City Council. All CAC meetings will be open to the public and will include a public comment period.

Committee Members

Name Organization
Paul Lietman Oregon Walks
Ross Peterson Principal of Gridworks, Beaverton Community Advocate
Jeff Pazdalski Westside Transportation Alliance (WTA)
Dr. Phillip Wu Transportation Futures Study/Health & Equity/Kaiser Community Health Initiatives
Gayle Seely Five Oaks/Triple Creek NAC/BCCI
Melissa Riley Arts Commission Board Member
Bill Wood West Beaverton NAC
Rhonda Reister Sexton Mountain NAC
Kristen Bea Beaverton Committee for Community  Involvement
Hal Bergsma AARP/Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition
Saraswathi Rajkumar Beaverton Organizing and Leadership Development (BOLD) graduate
Jake Mintz City of Beaverton Community Advocate
Jessica Xiao Co-Chair for Mayor's Youth Advisory Board
Renu Kamath BOLD graduate