How to Get Involved

Public Involvement Overview

The purpose of the public involvement program is to share information and gather input on the needs and issues of City of Beaverton stakeholders, including agencies, elected officials, residents, employees, and other transportation system users. There will be many opportunities to comment and get involved, including online open houses, community group briefings, City Council meetings and hearings, and by visiting project- hosted information booths at local events.

The City Council is the project’s final decision maker and will adopt the Plan following a Planning Commission hearing and a City Council hearing. The Project Management Team (PMT) will make day-to-day decisions and recommendations based on technical input and policy guidance from the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and stakeholder input from the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and the general public. The decision-making structure for the Plan was developed to establish broad-based support for the project.

Beaverton Active Transportation Plan

Decision Making Process

  • Support - The Project Team
    • City of Beaverton
    • ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation)
    • Consultants
  • Advisory
    • Technical Advisory Committee + Community Advisory Committee
  • Adopt the Plan
    • Planning Commission presents recommendation to City Council
  • Public Input is considered throughout the decision-making and includes briefings, online open houses, community events and website.
Active Transportation Plan decision making process diagram. Detailed description available on page.