Beaverton four percent Lodging Tax

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Beaverton has a four percent city-wide lodging tax used to promote tourism in connection with the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts. Beaverton’s lodging tax partially finances both the capital and operating costs of the Beaverton Center for the Arts. The Beaverton Center for the Arts is proposed as a 450 seat theatre with galleries, studios and a plaza along Beaverton Creek serving a regional and local audience.

Beaverton’s tax is collected in addition to Washington County’s county-wide nine percent lodging tax and the State of Oregon’s 1.8 percent state-wide lodging tax. The city’s tax is currently collected at the ten hotels within the city, as well as at properties where rooms are rented through lodging facilitators such as Airbnb. The tax is also collected from on-line reservation services such as Expedia.

The city’s four percent tax is estimated to generate approximately one million dollars annually, based on the current number of hotels and other lodging establishments within Beaverton. The lodging tax appears in the city budget as part of the Lodging Tax Fund. Revenue from the city’s tax and the portion of the county tax shared with the city are accounted for in this fund. The summary of revenue and expenses for FY 2016-17 is:

Lodging Tax Fund (#107)

County Tax
City Tax
Total Revenue

Materials & Services
Transfer to Capital Development Fund
Total Expenditures

Lodging taxes are authorized by state statute, county ordinance and city ordinance. Washington County provides the forms and collects both the city and county lodging taxes

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