Response to COVID-19

As part of the City’s response to COVID-19, we are asking that all community members and customers conduct business electronically as much as possible. Our Front Desk & Permit Center on the fourth floor of The Beaverton Building will be closed to visitors through at least November 15. Community Development services are available by email and phone listed in our directory with development and construction service at For:

To schedule an appointment for in-person services, please leave a message at one of the phone numbers listed above, check out our directory for other service contacts, or contact a staff person who has already been working with you to arrange for services.

For more information visit the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 page.

Responsibilities & Services

The Building Division of the Community and Economic Development Department is responsible for issuing building, plumbing, heating / cooling, and electrical permits. This also includes reviewing plans and conducting inspections for the work allowed under these permits.

The Building Division is also responsible for enforcing the State of Oregon Building Codes. These codes are the laws that regulate how a building is to be constructed, ranging from how strong the walls must be to how much insulation must be in them. The Building Division also assigns address numbers to new and existing properties when needed.

Electronic Plan Review

As of March 4th, 2019 the city is now processing all Building Division applications and permits electronically. For over-the-counter permits, please send your electronic plans and materials to us 24-hours in advance of your visiting us during our over-the counter times.

Submissions must follow the Electronic Document Instructions below so that documents can be accurately assigned and routed for review. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us for assistance at 503-526-2493.

Electronic Document Instructions

Re-Roof Electronic Document Instructions

Building in Beaverton

Over the Counter Plan Review

For Over-the-Counter review, you must submit all electronic documents at least one day prior to arriving at the front desk to meet with a plans examiner. Please visit our Over the Counter Plan Review page for more information.

Additional Resources

Contractors: For electrical, plumbing or mechanical permits that don't require a plan review, you have the ability to Apply and Pay for Building Permits Online.

Graphic link to Permits Protect Info website.
Graphic link to the State of Oregon ePermitting System.