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We are looking for a long term City Manager who will help keep the community’s needs and wishes at the center of all that we do. The City Manager, Mayor and City Council will work together to help Beaverton become the city we want it to be. Recruitment information.

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We want you to participate in the search and share your preferences for city leadership. Please take a brief survey so that City Council is able to choose the person that’s best for Beaverton.

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City Manager

The office of city manager is established as the administrative head of the city government. The city manager is responsible to the council for the proper administration of all city business.

City Manager is the administrative head of the city who:

  • Oversees daily operations and delivery of city services,
  • Proposes and administers the city budget,
  • Appoints, supervises, and removes city staff,
  • Make reports and recommendations to the council about the needs of the city,
  • Has no authority over the mayor, councilors, support staff of mayor or council, city attorney, municipal judges, or city auditor.

The city has appointed an Interim City Manager as of January 1, 2021 who will serve in this role for approximately six months.

Kurt Wilson, Interim City Manager

The Interim City Manager will support the transition to the new city charter and the recruitment, selection and early onboarding of a long term city manager.

City Manager and the 2021 City Charter FAQs

Beaverton Charter of 2021