Seeking to RETAIN, Start, Improve, or Expand a Small Business?

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To learn more about resources for businesses in response to COVID-19.

The City of Beaverton’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program supports high performing non-profit organizations that provide economic development opportunities for qualified residents. The City understands the economic hardship brought on by  COVID-19 and has asked our non-profit partners, Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO) and Adelante Mujeres, to assist in the retention of businesses who may  be struggling to stay afloat during these uncertain and unprecedented times. We encourage you to reach out to them using the contact information below


CDBG may only support microenterprise activities, which is defined as a business having no more than 5 employees, including the owner(s), or someone interested in starting a business. To qualify for no or low cost microenterprise technical assistance an applicant’s business must be located within Beaverton City limits, or if desiring to start a business, the applicant’s address must be within Beaverton City limits. Applicant’s household income may not exceed income limits and funding must be available. 

A full spectrum of microenterprise technical assistance is available including one on one sessions and class room settings. Whether wanting to know more about starting a business, getting help with business startup, or needing assistance in retaining, improving or expanding your existing business, contact each of the following to see which best serves your needs.

Our Partners 

Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO) 

As a community-based not-for-profit organization, MESO’s programs supports entrepreneurs both as individuals and businesses who in turn bring vitality to the community. MESO provides the following services: 

  • Assistance in the retention of businesses;
  • Access to capital through credit building, term loans and credit lines; 
  • Individual Development Accounts, a 3:1 matched savings grant; 
  • Business training through small group and one-on-one training in topics instrumental for business success such as marketing, cost accounting, legal implications of corporate entities, and how to hire/manage employees; 
  • One-on-one technical assistance, consultations, resource and referral, and strategic growth planning; 
  • Market Research and direct marketing resources. 

MESO’s Website
503-521-7620 - Beaverton Office
503-841-3351 - Portland Office

Adelante Mujeres - Empresas Small Business Development

Empresas is a business development program that teaches and supports small business owners to create a vibrant local economy and open up opportunities for all individuals to pursue their dreams.

Through training, assistance in retention, networking experience, technical assistance, and access to capital, Empresas helps Latino entrepreneurs launch successful and sustainable small businesses. 

Adelante Mujeres Website

Phone: (503) 992-0078 


Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

Since 2002, the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber has provided bilingual/bicultural technical assistance to over 3,083 small businesses statewide who are interested in starting or expanding a small business. The types of businesses include food carts, janitorial, personal services firms, professional service firms, construction-related firms (painting, roofing, etc.) and others. The program will conduct outreach, individual intakes, and assessments, provide one-on-one technical assistance services and follow-up. The goal of this program and this investment is to increase the number of successful small businesses and business owners in the City of Beaverton.

 80% of those served have been Latino. The other 20% represent a broad representation of the general community. The Hispanic Chamber will provide bilingual/bicultural technical services (English/Spanish), provide individually tailored business technical assistance primarily to Beaverton Residents and Individuals who are starting or growing their micro-enterprise within the City of Beaverton. This bilingual approach will allow the Hispanic Chamber to serve the broader small business community in the City of Beaverton while also being inclusive of the city’s growing Latino population. 

HMCC’s Website

Cámara Hispana Metropolitana 

Desde el 2002, La Cámara Hispana Metropolitana ha ofrecido asistencia técnica bilingüe/bicultural a más de 3,083 pequeños negocios en todo el estado que están interesadas en empezar o crecer un pequeño negocio. Estos tipos de negocios incluyen cocinas móviles, limpieza, empresas de servicios personales y profesionales, empresas relacionadas con la construcción (pintura, techado, etc.) y otras. El programa conduce alcance a la comunidad, asesoramiento personal, y asistencia técnica individual, y el seguimiento de estos servicios. La meta e inversión de este programa es el incrementar el número de pequeñas empresas exitosas y el número de personas que tienen un negocio en la Ciudad de Beaverton. 

El 80% de los clientes que se han servido han sido Latinos. El otro 20% representan la comunidad general. La Cámara Hispana proporcionará los servicios técnicos de una manera bilingüe/bicultural (Ingles/Español), asistencia técnica individual adaptada a los residentes de Beaverton y a las personas que quieran abrir o crecer su micro empresa en la Ciudad de Beaverton. El enfoque bilingüe va a permitir que la Cámara Hispana sirva más ampliamente a la comunidad de pequeños negocios que están en la Ciudad de Beaverton, al mismo tiempo siendo inclusivos de la población Latina que tanto está creciendo. 

Sitio web de CHM