Information Technology


Information Technology (IT) coordinates voice, data, spatial analysis (GIS), Internet, Intranet, image, and video at three major city locations - City Hall, the Operations Center, and the Library.

IT is responsible for the procurement policies regarding information-processing equipment and the operating software.

Additional Duties

  • In-house technical / user support to the City and its employees
  • Maps and spatial analysis applications
  • Application Program development and support
  • System design
  • Systems administration
  • Systems analysis

System Details

The City has over 2,400 technology assets that are tracked and managed across its fiber network. The City’s technology strategy is now based on Microsoft Windows Server operating system with Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 client operating systems utilizing Microsoft SQL2008/12/16 database engines. We continue to migrate our legacy systems over to Microsoft’s new platforms and plan to standardize on the Windows 10 client operating system as it becomes stable in our enterprise environment. Our internal applications are currently developed utilizing Visual Studio 2015.