Glossary of Purchasing Terms


A person who agrees to furnish goods or services for a certain price; may be a prime contractor or subcontractor.

Formal Solicitations

Purchases over $100,000, requiring a sealed bid process and Contract Review Board (CRB) approval


Supplies, equipment, materials, or any personal property, including any tangible, intangible and intellectual property and rights and licenses in relation thereto, or any combination of these items.

Informal Solicitations

Small & intermediate procurements, i.e. purchases over $10,000 and under $100,000 (over $25,000 for Personal Services)

Invitation to Bid (ITB)

A type of solicitation document used to solicit bids for goods and services in which the terms, conditions, and specifications are described and is awarded based on lowest cost.

Personal / Professional Services

Services that require specialized skills, knowledge and resources in the application of technical or scientific expertise, or the exercise of professional, artistic or management discretion or judgment, including a contract for the services

Retainer List

A list of firms in a specialized service that was established through a formal competitive bid process for personal/professional services.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

A type of solicitation document used to solicit proposals for a specific service or project that describes scope of work, and instructions for preparation of proposals and where price is a factor in the award, but not the sole factor.

Request for Qualification (RFQ)

A type of solicitation document that usually refers to the pre-qualification stage of a procurement process. Used to pre-qualify firms through which an organization creates a Retainer List of qualified vendors for a specific category of work.

Requirements Contract

A contract in which the supply agrees to supply all of the City’s requirements that arise for an item or items within a specified time period.

Responsible Bidder

A person who has submitted an offer and meets the standards set forth in the Beaverton Purchasing Code (BPC) 47-0640 or 49-0390, and (2) who has not been debarred or disqualified by the City under the BPC 47-0575 or 49-0370.

Responsive Bidder

A bidder having the characteristic of substantial compliance in all material respects with applicable solicitation requirements.