Doing Business with the City

Central Purchasing Functions

Purchasing is a division of Finance and provides the central purchasing functions for the City of Beaverton. Items such as computer equipment, office supplies, vehicles, professional services, major construction projects and many other products and services are procured through this office by competitive procurements.

Come in We’re Open store window sign.The Purchasing Division’s goal is to obtain maximum value for each tax dollar spent. With this in mind we subscribe to the following policies:

  • City contracts are based upon fair and open competitive bidding methods.
  • Contracts are awarded to the responsible bidder submitting the most responsive bid at the best price.
  • Purchases are made in strict compliance with all applicable laws and rules.
  • Purchasing Division staff does not accept personal gifts from suppliers, nor do they conduct purchasing transactions for personal benefit.

Beaverton Purchasing Code (BPC)

Through authority granted to the city by the enactment of Oregon Revised Statue (ORS) 279A.065, the city has adopted their own rules of procedure for public contracts. The full text of the Beaverton Purchasing Code (BPC) is provided on the city’s website at

Common Contracts

  • Requirements Contracts
  • Personal / Professional Services Contracts
  • Engineering & Related Services Contracts
  • Construction Contracts
  • Public Improvement Contracts

Small & Intermediate Procurements

Goods and Trade Services

  • Procurements up to $10,000 may be awarded by direct appointment without obtaining quotes or in any manner deemed practical by the Purchasing Agent or Finance Director.
  • Procurements for goods and services greater than $10,000 up to $100,000, three written quotes are required. Internal departments may be more stringent and require lower thresholds for quotes.
  • Informal written quotes may be obtained by contacting suppliers by telephone, email, fax, or US mail.

Personal Services

  • Procurements for personal services less than $25,000 may be directly appointed without obtaining quotes.
  • Greater than $25,000 up to $100,000 require three written quotes.
  • Informal written quotes may be obtained by contacting suppliers by telephone, email, fax, or US mail.

Architectural & Engineering (A&E) Services and Related A&E Services

  • Procurements up to $100,000 may be awarded by direct appointment.

Formal procurements

Procurements greater than $100,000 must be competitively bid through a formal procurement process that includes public advertisement and sealed bid or proposal. These procurements include Invitations to Bid (ITB’s), Request for Proposals (RFP’s) and Request for Qualifications (RFQ’s). Formal bid or proposal solicitations procedures apply to all purchases of materials, supplies, personal/professional, trade services, equipment and construction that will exceed the expenditure authority, as determined by the contract review board. ITB and RFP specifications and requirements are prepared jointly by purchasing and the user departments. The ITB process is generally used for purchases where the specification and requirements can be clearly and completely defined. Award will be based on cost, delivery, and ability to meet the specifications. The RFP process is typically utilized when seeking personal/professional services or when the specifications cannot be clearly defined. Award will be based on a variety of evaluation factors, as listed in the respective RFP document.

A public notice is placed in the Daily Journal of Commerce legal notice section, and the ITB or RFP is posted on the city’s website and an email sent out to all suppliers that have registered to receive email notification of new solicitations posted to the website under Notify Me. Before submitting a response to a solicitation, be sure and check the website for any addendums to the solicitation.

Sealed ITB’s are opened and read publicly at the designated time and location. Suppliers, while not required, are invited to attend the bid openings. There is no formal openings held for RFP’s. The RFP’s are opened and reviewed by purchasing and then sent to the evaluation committee for review and evaluation. Bid tabulations and Proposal respondents as well as contract awards are posted to the city’s website.


All procurements greater than $100,000 require public notice in at least one newspaper of general circulation in the area where the contract is to be performed unless specifically exempt. The Daily Journal of Commerce is the usual publication in which public notices are placed. They are also published on the city’s procurement website at Suppliers can register to view and/or download the formal solicitation documents at this link.

How to avoid bid or proposal rejection

Submit proposals, quotes, or bids to the Utility Billing Counter on the 2nd Floor of City Hall, or to the location specified in the solicitation before the stated deadline on the closing date. These deadlines are strictly enforced; a late submittal will result in an unresponsive bid. Each solicitation issued will state delivery location and the time and date of closing for that particular solicitation process. Follow all the requirements listed in the solicitation document to be deemed a responsible and responsive bidder. Check that the proposal you turn in includes all the documents listed on the Bidder’s Check List included in the solicitation packet. Some solicitations require a Bid Bond or an Affidavit of Compliance with Tax Laws—so be sure you’ve met all the specific requirements of the city procurement you are pursuing.


Person handing over manila envelope. All proposals, quotes, or bids are due by the time and date stated in each solicitation. The date is listed as the “Closing Date” on the cover of every Solicitation Packet. Unless otherwise indicated, proposals may only be turned in by mail or in person to the Utility Billing Counter on the 2nd Floor of City Hall, located at 12725 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR 97005. Proposals should be marked ATTN: Terry Muralt, Purchasing Agent and should include the solicitation number and name on the outside of the sealed bid container.

Becoming a Vendor

The Purchasing division does not maintain a formal vendor list, although informal lists may be maintained within each department. To remain an eligible bidder on city solicitations, firms should maintain legal aspects of business to enter into contracts and conduct business in the State of Oregon.

Contract Requirements

If awarded a contract, the city’s requirements will include one or more of the following; evidence of sufficient insurance coverage, a valid Construction Contractors Board (CCB) license and/or a valid performance bond and a city Business License.

Bidder Responsibility Form – Construction Projects

For construction projects, bidders must have completed a Bidder Responsibility Form for the current year (September 1 through August 31).

Business Licenses

Any vendors operating within the City of Beaverton will be asked to have a valid Beaverton Business License.

Section 7.01 of the City of Beaverton Municipal Code requires anyone engaging in any business within the city limits is required to pay a business license fee unless specifically exempt by state or federal statute. Therefore, any firms awarded contracts requiring business to be conducted within the city will be required to obtain a Beaverton Business License. The city accepts applications online and in person at the City Hall Utility Billing Counter on the 2nd Floor of the Beaverton Building, 12725 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR 97005. More information is available on our website at, or calling the Finance Department at 503-526-2255.

Registering for Notices of New Bid Opportunities

Register Now! graphic link button to Beaverton Bid Registration System. You may register to receive notifications of new Bid Postings for City projects and procurements. Visit and follow the directions to sign-up to receive emails or text messages. There are three categories of bids based on your preferred type of work opportunities. You may subscribe to:

  • Bids (Construction, Public Improvement)
  • Bids (Materials, Equipment, Supplies)
  • Bids (Personal/Professional Services)

You can unsubscribe at any time by visiting the same page, entering your email address, and clicking on the envelope or phone icon next to each category.

If you’re interested in a Bid Posting, visit the city’s Bids Page to see the full advertisement. To download the full Bid packet and any addenda, you will be asked to register through the city’s Bid Registration. Once registered, you can register for any city posting using the same Username and Password. Registering for a Bid Posting automatically notifies you of any addenda added to a particular listing. As the user, you are still responsible for logging into the Bid Registration System to download these additional documents.


The Purchasing division hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. If you would like to speak with the Purchasing Agent, we ask you call in advance for an appointment. The Purchasing division is located on the second floor of City Hall in The Beaverton Building, 12725 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR 97005. You can also contact us by:

City solicitations are posted on the city’s Bid Page, located at This website has a listing of the current solicitations as well as the results of prior solicitations.

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