CIP 3410 - Denney Road Multi-Use Path

Beaverton Creek Shared Use Path along Denney Rd (King Blvd-Fanno Creek Trailhead)

Project Description:

This project will provide a shared use path on the north side of Denney Rd from the Fanno creek trailhead to King Blvd that will connect to bike boulevards on King Blvd, Alger Ave, and 11th St and to existing bike lanes and shared bikeways on 5th St and Lombard Ave to the Beaverton Transit Center. See CIP 4109 for waterline relocation. 

Project Manager:

Jim Brink, 503-526-2450 

Project Status: 

  • FY11-12: Project originally included in CIP 3407 as part of the grant approved under the ODOT Flexible Funds Program on 3-22-12. 
  • FY12-13: Project still included in CIP 3407 and in ODOT IGA 28470 that was executed on 7-20-12. 
  • FY13-14: Project removed from CIP 3407 and from the ODOT grant scope of work. OTAK completed survey. City staff began design. 
  • FY14-15: 30% design completed 1-30-15. 60% design completed 6-30-15; however, ODOT had multiple comments that required substantial changes to the design. 
  • FY15-16: Completed 90% design incorporating ODOT comments. 
  • FY16-17: ROW acquired from three properties. Final design completed 10-17-16. 
  • FY17-18: Complete construction. 

Substantial Completion Date: October 30, 201 

Project Photos:

Paved, fenced path along SW Denney Rd and Bel Aire Dr, heading east.