CIP 3408 - Hocken Avenue Widening

Hocken Avenue Improvement Project

Project Description: 

Widen Hocken Ave from south of the RR tracks to TV Hwy to four lanes with bike lanes and sidewalks. Project will require the relocation of traffic signal and RR crossing poles, signals and associated equipment to allow for additional paved width and pedestrian access as well as larger turning radii. Project is being designed in coordination with CIP 3519A.

Project Manager: 

Jim Brink, 503-526-2450.

Project Status: 

  • FY13-14: Initiated contract with P&W Railroad and XO Rail on 9-12-13 for design services of improvements inside the railroad right of way. On 5-28-14 Wiser Rail Engineering contracted by RR to do crossing design.
  • FY14-15: Contract awarded to Harper, Hoff, Peterson, Righellis (HHPRI) on 8-12-14 for engineering design services outside the railroad right of way. PNWR approved preliminary design concept on 1-19-15. 30% design completed 3-26-15.
  • FY15-16: On 7-21-15 ODOT determined that the south curb line on Canyon Rd needed to be moved 6'-7' to the north as part of the Canyon Rd (Hocken Ave-Short St) Improvements project (CIP 3519A); therefore, the design for CIP 3408 was put on hold until ODOT establishes the new centerline and curb lines for Canyon Rd. 10-14-15: CIP 3519A restarted. 4-22-16: COB/ODOT IGA 30667 approved which incorporated CIP 3408 into CIP 3519A.
  • FY16-17: Project on hold pending resolution of design issues on CIP 3519A, particularly shoulder and sidewalk width.
  • FY17-18: Project design restarted in Aug 2017. HHPRI will provide design of Hocken Rd improvements from south of the RR tracks to the south curb line on Canyon Rd. Design will be in ODOT plan sheet format using MicroStation. City will complete a traffic study of the RR crossing and any queuing issues following the completion of CIP 3302.
  • FY18-19: 8-2-18: Separate SB right turn lane approved by city; 10-19-18: Preliminary concept approved; 1-11-19: 60% design completed.

Substantial Completion Date: September 30, 2020

CIP 3408 Description

Intersection looking Southbound from Canyon Rd.