Smart Shopping

Woman checking vegetables at the grocery shop.Buy what you need

Make a list with meals in mind and buy no more than what you expect to use. Shopping with meals in mind makes it easier to use the food you buy and keep it fresh. 

Tips to practice SMART Shopping 

  • Make a meal plan each week. Include any take-out or dining out meals. 
  • Keep a running list of meals that your household enjoys. 
  • Make your shopping list based on pre-planned meals. 
  • Check your fridge, freezer and cupboards for any ingredients you already have before you go shopping. 
  • Include quantities on your shopping list to make sure you buy just what you need. 
  • Shop on a full stomach to avoid impulse purchases. 
  • Avoid packaged produce to control the amount of fruit and vegetables you buy. 
  • Shop the bulk section for dried goods and buy only what you need. 
  • Buy fresh ingredients, such as spices, in smaller quantities. Avoid two-for-one deals so you don't buy more than you will use. 

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