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Photo of red kitchen scale.Measure how much food your family throws away 

Over four weeks, together with your family, measure how much food your household throws away. From the options below, choose the best way for your household to measure edible but uneaten food over the four week challenge. Be sure to include food scraped off plates and from the fridge, counter and cabinets

  1. Estimate or take a picture when you throw food away - at the end of the day, is it more, or less or the same as the days before?
  2. Measure at the end of each day with a kitchen scale. 
  3. Measure at the end of the day with a large container - is it a quarter full, half or more? 
  4. Measure at the end of each day with a graduated container. A limited number of 2-quart graduated containers are available for free - limit of one per household. 

Photo of Chico brand reusable shopping bags with Eat Smart Waste Less and Beaverton logo.Record the results on the Get SMART measurement guide and post them on your fridge. Report your results online. Complete the four week challenge and get a free produce bag. 

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