Beaverton Mural Program

Art in Public Spaces

Providing opportunities for artists and community building public spaces, the Beaverton Arts Program’s Mural Program is making a positive impact on the face of Beaverton.

Wilson Mural

Mural depicting stylized human forms in motion.
Artist: Gina Wilson
Completed: October 30, 2009
Location: North Facing Wall at 12475 SW 1st in downtown Beaverton
Gina Wilson’s Mural Dedication
Interview with Gina Wilson

Hernandez Mural

Brightly colored mural of planet earth, motherhood and nature.
Artist: Hector Hernandez & Merlo Station Students
Completed: September 29, 2009
Location: South facing wall at 12590 Southwest Broadway St in downtown Beaverton
Interview with Hector Hernandez
Interview with Merlo Station Students
“The School of Outdoor Learning”
Bold, brighly colored mural of nature scenes and cubist style faces.  Bold, brighly colored mural of nature scenes and cubist style faces.

Artist: Angelina Marino
Dedication: Saturday, October 1, 2011
Location: 12655 SW 1st, in downtown Beaverton
CV for Angelina Marino

"Broadway Street: 1910 - 1920"

Historic mural of downtown Beaverton 1920s buildings and people.
Artist: Bev Ecker
Dedication: December 10, 2011
Location: 12412 SW Broadway St, Beaverton History Center
Shannon Wells article from Beaverton Valley Times

"Steps to Wellness"

Bold, bright mural of figures walking for fitness along tree lined path.
Angelina Marino
Dedication: June 13, 2012
Location: 4755 SW Griffith Drive, Beaverton OR 97076
“Larry Kangas Mural”
Bold color mural of pink water lilies and green pads. Bold color mural of pink water lilies and green pads.

Larry Kangas; completed by Sandy Kangas and Allison McClay
Dedication: August 1, 2014
Location: 2nd Street and Washington Avenue, Beaverton OR 97005
Beaverton artist Larry Kangas lives on through his murals - The Oregonian, Anna Marum

Rather Severe Mural

Vibrant mural depicting cultural dance styles from around the world.
Artist: Rather Severe
Completed: April 26, 2016
Location: East facing wall at 12570 SW Farmington Rd in downtown Beaverton

"Forest For The Trees" Murals

Stylized images in yellow, pink, blue and tan of flora and fauna on dark background.
Artist: Meg Adamson and Jennifer Parks
Completed: August 2017
Location: East Facing Wall at 12870 SW 1st St in downtown Beaverton
Realistic portrait of woman of color dressed in formal silky garment with with lace.
Artist: Drew Merritt
Completed: August 2017
Location: East Facing Wall at 12770 SW 1st St in downtown Beaverton
Mural of sawed tree with bulls-eye painted on interior and paint splashing from the trunk.
Artist: Blaine Fontana
Completed: August 2017
Location: South Facing Wall at 12570 SW Farmington Rd in downtown Beaverton

Program History and Selection Process

The public art mural program administered by the Beaverton Arts Program as part of its commitment to public art. The Beaverton City Council voted in April 2008 to exempt all public art from the city’s sign code and create a public art program for display of art on public rights of way and on private building facades and other private property under the terms of easements to be granted to the city for that purpose.

New murals are reviewed by the Public Art Selection Committee, a standing committee that is responsible for overseeing the city’s Public Art Mural Program. The program has a matching grant fund opportunity available.

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