CIP 3328 - Western Avenue Improvement

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Western Avenue (Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy to Allen Blvd.) Improvement Project

SW Western Avenue facing north.

Project Description

The intent of the project is to help existing businesses thrive, to encourage future redevelopment, and to improve vehicular and active transportation through this corridor. Initially, the project limits were from Allen Blvd to 5th Street. In August 2019, Council expanded the project limits north to Beaverton Hillsdale Highway (BH Hwy).

  • Between Allen Blvd and 5th Street: the project includes reconstruction of the existing 4-lane roadway to a 3-lane roadway with a center turn lane; separated pedestrian and bicycle pathways; landscaped median and pedestrian/bicyclist buffer; transit stops; and upgraded storm water facilities and lighting.
  • Between 5th Street and BH Hwy: the project maintains the existing 4-lane roadway and adds a 5-foot bike lane, a 4-foot planter strip (grass, shrubs, etc.) and a 6-foot sidewalk on the east side of the roadway.
  • The project also includes traffic signal upgrades and intersection reconstruction at SW Western Avenue/SW 5th Street and SW Western Avenue/SW Allen Blvd.

Project Coordination with the Willamette Water Supply System (WWSS)

In January 2019 the decision was made to allow Willamette Water Supply System (WWSS) to include a 48-inch waterline within the Western Avenue project limits. This pipeline, referred to as Metzger Pipeline (MPE 1.1), is part of the larger MPE project that will enable Tualatin Valley Water District to serve their existing system in the Metzger area. The decision also included the addition of a City of Beaverton (COB) 16-inch waterline. This new waterline improves system resiliency within this commercial and industrial area of Beaverton.

Coordinating the various design elements has required significant teamwork and effort between the various agencies. The City of Beaverton is responsible for overall project management with WWSS providing project management over the designs of MPE 1.1 and COB 1.1. For more information regarding the WWSS MPE 1.1 project please visit the Our Reliable Water website.

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Project Contact

For general questions and inquiries please contact:
Stacy Revay, Public Outreach Management Analyst
Phone: 503-713-7809
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Project Justification

The Western Avenue Improvement Project is the signature capital project of the city’s West Five Strategy, with the intent of improving safety and connectivity for residents, employees and visitors of the area. The existing street does not include public sidewalks, bike lanes, or mid-block crossings; does not meet current lighting standards; and has a relatively high incidence of crashes. Between the years 2011 and 2015 a total of 70 crashes were recorded for Western Avenue. This project will limit vehicle-to-vehicle conflicts when turning and vehicle-to-pedestrian/bicycle conflicts; increase lighting levels; improve intersection design for larger vehicles, such as trucks and freight; and improve transportation in the area by separating bicycle traffic.

The Western Avenue Improvement Project responds to Community Vision Action Plan (CVAP) #48, install safe sidewalks and pedestrian lighting citywide, #50 expand paths and trails and connect to major destinations, #51 install or improve crosswalks citywide, #53 install bikeways along major commuter routes, #99 improve pedestrian connections in neighborhoods; and Comprehensive Plan Goals 6.2.1 (policy g), 6.2.2 (policies a-h), 6.2.3 (d and f), 6.2.5 (policy a).

Key Project Milestones

  • Final Design Completed: January 2021
  • Project Bidding and Award: February April 2021
  • Construction Anticipated: May 2021 March 2023

Project Estimated Cost

  • Western Avenue Roadway: $6 – 7 Million
  • City of Beaverton 16-inch Waterline: $2 – 2.5 Million
  • WWSS MPE 1.1 Waterline: $10 – 12 Million

Project Area

CIP 3328 Project Map for SW Western Avenue.