City Attorney

Our Mission

The Mission of the City Attorney’s Office is to provide responsive, high-quality, cost-effective legal, risk and records management services to the mayor, city council, city staff and all of the city’s departments, agencies, and boards and commissions.

Legal Services

General Counsel

The city attorney's office provides legal counsel and representation to the mayor, city council, city staff and all of the city’s departments, boards and commissions. Legal advice and counsel is provided on a broad range of matters. These include matters relating to real estate, land use, urban renewal, housing, transportation, public finance, economic development, utilities, franchises, public records, public meetings, grants, contracts, procurements, intellectual property, bankruptcy, collections, ethics, civil rights, labor, employment, torts, risk management, workers' compensation, elections, legislation, the environment and any other area of law involved in the operations of the city and its related organizations. The office is responsible for drafting the city’s contracts, ordinances, resolutions, and real estate transaction documents as well as for managing, filing and/or defending civil law suits at trial and on appeal.

Criminal Prosecution

The office works closely with the police department and prosecutes state and local misdemeanor and violation offenses occurring within the city, including the filing of complaints, responding to discovery requests, conducting pretrial negotiations, filing and responding to motions, preparing for and attending hearings, court and jury trials, and certain appeals. Cases prosecuted by the city are prosecuted in the Beaverton Municipal Court. The office also employs a victim’s advocate partially funded by the State of Oregon to assist victims of misdemeanor crimes.

Risk Management

The office’s risk management division identifies, analyzes, evaluates and reduces the impact of risk on the city by managing and administering the city’s insurance, safety and loss control programs. The division assists in safeguarding the city from the adverse impact of loss by purchasing insurance, responding to and resolving risk claims, and developing programs, plans and procedures to make the organization safer and more resilient. More information about the division is set out later in this budget document in connection with the Insurance Agency Fund’s General Liability and Workers’ Compensation programs.

Records Management

The records management division takes a lead role in managing the information assets of the city. The division’s scope of services includes the traditional archiving function that requires the retention and disposition of important city records in accordance with a schedule mandated by the state of Oregon. As well, the division responds to complex public records requests.