Amateur Radio

Beaverton Communications Group

The Beaverton Communications Group is an organization of Amateur Radio Operator (ARO) volunteers that establishes, maintains and operates communication networks for the Emergency Management Program of the City of Beaverton.

In the event of an incident, the Beaverton Emergency Operations Center (EOC) may activate the group to

  1. Operate the radio room at the EOC for secondary communications to Federal (FEMA), State, County and Affiliated Agencies and primary communications to city and volunteer CERT teams operating throughout the city
  2. Be or connect with AROs in the field that provide local situation reports, support Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) rally points and staff neighborhood operating bases (places for First Responders, sheltering and Points of Distribution (PODs))

The Beaverton Communications Group coordinates training and communication exercises for City of Beaverton Emergency Management volunteers.

The group conducts a weekly radio network for practice and exercises for regional AROs. The net is on each Monday at 8:00 pm on the repeater frequency 444.750Mhz (+5MHZ offset) with a tone of 123Hz. All licensed AROs are welcome to participate.

The Beaverton Communications Group, representing the City of Beaverton, is an Affiliated Agency to Washington County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES).


Staffing is urgently needed to serve in the following positions during an incident:

  1. Operating stations in the EOC Radio Room
  2.  Neighborhood field communication assignments including:
    1. rally-point on site communications for CERT teams
    2. communications staffing of community PODs
    3.  ARO communication from their home to coordinate and transmit neighborhood situation reports

In addition to the incident communications, Logistics and Operations assistance is an ongoing need for maintaining equipment, helping with projects to improve the group capability, and planning/executing training exercises.

Interested? If you have your Amateur Radio license (any class) then Register to become an Emergency Management volunteer with an interest in Amateur Radio (HAM). You will receive information on the opportunities and requirements.

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