EM Volunteers

Emergency Management Program Volunteers

The City of Beaverton Emergency Management Program has many volunteers that serve the community, assist the City of Beaverton during events and train and stand ready to respond to incidents and disasters.

More information is available at these specific web pages:

EM Volunteer Login / Registration – The site where people register to express their interest in volunteering for CERT or Amateur Radio (Ham) support.

Beaverton CERT – A Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is an organization of volunteers trained under a Federal FEMA program to learn, practice and promote emergency preparedness and resiliency in their communities. CERT members are trained to safely respond to an emergency on the family, neighborhood and community level, and can provide assistance when first responders are unavailable. The City of Beaverton trains and sponsors Beaverton CERT volunteers. Beaverton CERT also supports Beaverton Police by assisting at city events.

Amateur Radio – The Beaverton Communications Group is an organization of Amateur Radio Operator (ARO) volunteers that establishes, maintains and operates communication networks for the Emergency Management Program of the City of Beaverton. These networks include radio facilities at the Beaverton Public Safety Center and operators in the field reporting current situations and resource needs for their neighborhood.

Public Education – The City of Beaverton offers a variety of information and programs to assist residents in preparing and surviving major incidents. These include:

  • The Beaverton CERT program training to safely respond in an incident
  • Personal and Family Preparedness information
  • Map Your Neighborhood program to help neighborhoods prepare for disasters