Image of public works crew preparing roadway for paving.

Reliable Infrastructure Key to Growth

Strong and reliable infrastructure is key for growing a strong business community. The City of Beaverton is fortunate to have high quality water, access to high-speed internet and fiber optics, and a comprehensive freight network. As the city grows, infrastructure upgrades and improvements must continue in order to maintain the superb quality of life in the community.

The division advocates for key infrastructure and transportation upgrades, and participates in the planning process for future projects. The current transportation focus includes the redesign of Canyon Rd through the city’s Creekside District, Broadway streetscape project, and the Rose Biggi extension from Millikan Way to Hall Blvd. The Beaverton 2016-2017 Capital Improvement Plan has a comprehensive list and associated costs of the projects the city is or hopes to undertake in the future.

Questions about city infrastructure? Email Economic Development.