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Food Cart Pods with available pavilion seating.Food Cart Pods in Beaverton

Food cart pods are an evolving trend in the region, offering an attractive amenity to local employees, visitors, and residents. In 2015, the city adopted new regulations to accommodate food cart pods. These regulations were in addition to the previously permitted temporary sales from a single food cart/truck. For general information about food carts and food cart pods, see:

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In Early 2015, the City of Beaverton's code did not allow food cart pods. Wanting to explore changing those codes, the Economic Development division conducted a Food Cart Feasibility Study to explore various options related to economic development and land use that could potentially expand mobile food vending in Downtown Beaverton while minimizing negative impacts to and ensuring the safety of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Food Cart Feasibility Study

As a result, the Planning Commission directed staff to update the codes and allow for permanent food cart pods within the City. Close to a year after adoption, the new codes had yet to be used. The city, wanting to incent Beaverton's first food cart pod, as well as test the new codes to ensure they did not create any inappropriate barriers, hosted a one-time competition for a Food Cart Pod Grant, which closed in early 2016.

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Every person or entity doing business in the City of Beaverton must possess a valid Business License from the Finance Department, as stated in Section 7.01 of the City of Beaverton Municipal Code. This code also applies to businesses located outside of Beaverton that perform business transactions or services in Beaverton.


Please contact the Mike Williams, Economic Development Manager, at 503-526-2456 or