Garden Calendar and Resources

Photo of wooden sign with colorful saying Friends and Family Growing Together.

Events and Important Dates - 2021 & 2022

October 2021
11Returning gardener registration begins at 9 am
25Returning gardener registration closes at 8 am
November 2021
1Waitlist gardener registration starts
22Waitlist gardener registration ends
15Water turned off
18Yard debris service cancelled for the season
March 2022
1Water turned on
3Yard debris service started 
April 2022
30Garden plots must be in the "Getting Started" stage
June 2022
Plant and have fun! 
July 2022
Grow, harvest and enjoy!
August 2022
It's summer, organize a BBQ with fellow gardeners.
September 2022 
Fall is almost here, what about a fun clean up event and potluck?
October 2022

31Fall clean up must be complete