Art in Public Spaces

Art for public spaces enhances the experience of that space, inspiring pride and contributing to a deeper understanding of our community.

Revolving Exhibits

The City of Beaverton and the Beaverton Arts Commission invite artists to participate in exhibit opportunities at The Beaverton Building and at partner organizations in our community.

Learn more about Revolving Exhibits

Hello Neighbor Project

The creative brainchild of artist Julie Keefe, Hello Neighbor Project introduces neighbors to each other.

Learn more about Hello Neighbor Project

Public Art Master Plan

In 2009, a dedicated team of professional artists developed a Master Plan for ensuring that Art showed up more in public spaces.

Learn more about Public Art Master Plan | Downtown Beaverton Public Art Tour Map

Mural Program

Providing opportunities for artists and community-building public spaces, the Beaverton Arts Commission’s Mural Program is making a positive impact on the face of Beaverton.

Learn more about Mural Program | Downtown Beaverton Public Art Tour Map

Sculpture Program

The use of temporary art installations in Beaverton’s Public Art Plan is intended to generate excitement for the arts.

Learn more about Sculpture Program | Downtown Beaverton Public Art Tour Map

Vinyl Art Wraps

Artwork wrapped on ordinary trash receptacles will transform them into “Creator Containers” which will serve a beautification purpose in addition to their original purpose as a trash receptacle.

Learn more about Vinyl Art Wraps

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